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THURSDAY TALKS Summary — Bitcoin Meister & Htmlcoin Partnership

Our Thursday Talks which was held on April 29th afforded the Htmlcoin community the opportunity to get up to speed with the latest partnership between Althash and the Bitcoin Mesiter exchange. The AMA featured our Chief Operating Officer, Vincent Hoffmann, our Business Developer and Solution Architect Jean-François Ratelle who secured this partnership and Alexandre Ederer of Bitcoin Meister. If you missed out from the live session in our telegram group, we have created this consolidation of points mentioned in the meeting

Vincent: Today’s Thursday Talks is about the partnership between Htmlcoin and Bitcoin Meister.
There are numerous points of collaboration to talk about during this Thursday Talks.
Without giving anything away just yet I would like to present the guest speakers, JF Ratelle who is a Business Developer & Solution Architect for Htmlcoin & Althash and Alexandre Ederer who is part of Bitcoin Mesiter.
Then we can get right to it.
We can list the various elements of this partnership as outlined in the MOU and our community can ask questions.

AlexanDre: Hello everyone!
Thanks for Having me Vincent! I’m really happy to be here, I think what we did between BCM and HTML & ALTHASH is going to pave the way to wonderful things!
Thanks to Jean-François for reaching out to me, too, I’m really grateful for all the work.

Vincent : Let’s go through what the partnership entails and what are the points of value for each party.

AlexanDre: You guys need more On and Off ramps for people to purchase Htmlcoin with fiat as well as more pairs. On your end, this is a win. On our end we grow our user-base though your community. So it’s a Win-Win for both of our communities in this partnership. On top of that we are getting a revamped user interface through one of your developers.

This is only the first part in helping each other open doors to even greater collaboration!

Vincent: So we will be doing the front-end UX revamp of the Bitcoin Meister exchange and in return we will get a listing. This is the phase 1 of the collaboration.
Let’s tell them about phase 2 (NFT)

AlexanDre: In the second phase, we are basically building an NFT lot. BM is regulated with European laws so we are building an EU regulated cryptocurrency institution. At the end of the day we are working towards the mass adoption for crypto so that people can engage it based on European laws. So we are building the first NFT platform in Europe through Bitcoin Meister and Htmlcoin. I am greatly looking forward to this NFT platform. I am excited about it as there are so many opportunities within Europe. We have huge German, French and Dutch communities here. They are all waiting for this. So having an NFT paltform in Europe is really big news.

JF Ratelle: On the technical side. The plan for the NFT platform is to provide the algorithm & blockchain to Bitcoin Meister. So that people can use Htmlcoin and althash blockchain to mint NFTs with super low fees. We leave the option to the public to use other blockchain options to mint NFTs but I believe they will use the Althash blockchain when they see the price difference. The space is not prepared for it yet. I would like to say more, but I know I cannot say too much. We are right now working on the algorithm to avoid duplication of NFTs, to prevent original NFTs from being replicated on the blockchain.

Vincent: So far what is on the table is a listing in Bitcoin Meister which is an exchange we are excited to be part of. There will be an NFT platform involved as well in Phase-2. There is something related to that in-house which i just can’t mention just yet. There are few other points of collaboration where we will be deepening the relationship too as we progress.
Alex, can you tell users what are the KYC requirements and limitations are, if any for users on Bitcoin Meister. A usually common question by community members.

AlexanDre: Very simple, a picture I.D. Take a picture of yourself with the picture ID with the date so we know it is a real picture. It could be your passport or Driver’s license as well as proof of address. That is it.
You don’t actually need to do KYC if you buy less than 500 Euros of crypto monthly. You can just register and buy crypto.

We do offer paypal, so if you want to use paypal to buy crypto, we offer this as well.

Babak: Which countries are not allowed to complete the KYC?

AlexanDre: KYC is open to EU residents. You can KYC from other countries but only necessary if users wish to purchase more than 500 Euros per month.

SamBright: Does Bitcoin Meister have a decentralized exchange or only centralized?


SamBright: OH, great! So htmlcoin will appear on the dex immediately upon listing ?

AlexanDre: We are implementing HTML across all our services, I can’t speak to the immediate time frame, but knowing my colleagues, it will be soon.
On the long run, we hope we can encourage users to use the DEX, but seeing as individuals have varied levels of stress and ability to manage their crypto, we will also keep a CEX.

JF Ratelle: It also brings good utility value to Htmlcoin. It basically contributes towards the mass adoption we’re pushing for. When we started to put together this partnership, we saw the potential. There are a few other partnerships already in the pipeline too. I hope the community is ready for it.

Vincent : That pretty much concludes the Thursday Talks.
Thank you VERY much Alex for your candid responses with video.
Also thanks to JF Ratelle for getting this awesome snowball rolling.
I say snowball because it just gets bigger the farther you roll it.

AlexanDre: You are welcome Vincent, I am really honored to be working with you guys. I am really excited to be here today telling you about the future we are building together. Honestly Htmlcoin is a great project and the stuff in the works between Htmlcoin and Bitcoin Meister is opening doors to so much guys. I look forward to the future and i am excited to be part of this journey.

Vincent: On Tuesday we’re having this conversation on a live stream on Facebook where we talk about all this outside of our Telegram community.
Link here




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