Thursday Talks:Roadmap 2020 Update

2 min readJun 14, 2020

Last Thursday June 11th, 2020 we had Thursday Talks on our official Telegram group to update the community on our 2020 Roadmap. We present the summary:

Topics Overview: Roadmap 2020 Update

WebSite: 90%

WebSite: 100%

WebSite: 80%

Website: Althash Labs 70%

Website: Htmlcoin Shopping 100%

Website: Htmlcoin News Portal 90%

New Block explorer 80%

Documentation 100%

Updated Whitepaper, Nodes setup, API, User Experience, Developer tools.

Third party DApps landing pages with details 70%:


Dapps (Althash) Landing Pages with details + new dapp interface 20%:

MyOffspring, Althash Health, Token Farm, Altproof, Cytrace (Food traceability), Drone Project

New Mobile Wallets: 30%

iOS, Android, Web Wallet (AWP)

Instahash (Social Media HTMLCoin Platform and Project Management) 30%

Other developments:

Credence Hub (certification authentication)

Sovereign Money (“positive money”)

Marcio — Vice President of Innovation:

“We are currently a team of 6 professionals involved in the general overhaul of our websites , platforms, documentation and general structure, including front and backends of each application.We are only days away from the first of many releases which should each follow one after the other until the end of the year. By which time we plan to add more projects onto the growing roadmap.

To manage all our content, portals and DApps we are building a great CMS to integrate everything.The iOS and Android mobile wallets will have a much more modern look and feel with more graphical representations.

We do have an exciting partnership to announce soon, details of which will be announced via our usual social media channels and special marketing arrangements are being made to maximize on exposure.

Anyone wanting to learn more, get direct feedback or just hear the latest news first should join the main Telegram group”





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