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14 min readMar 14, 2022

On March 3rd Sky Guys held a Twitter Cloud chat which included the founder of Codex, Brett Balog and the CEO of HTMLCOIN, Amando Boncales.
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Below is the transcription of the insightful podcast.

Brett of Sky Guys: What is HTML and what is CDEX, how are they related?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: Codex is a special project in the Htmlcoin Althash blockchain. The blockchain is called Althash blockchain. The gas that powers Althash blockchain is called Htmlcoin. Now Codex is a token, an application in the Althash blockchain. Or if it’s easy for you to remember, you can call it the Htmlcoin blockchain.

Htmlcoin and Codex have a special relationship. In fact we have put it in writing; Codex can use the words Htmlcoin and Althash. Codex is the first project, the first serious project that you can see output. So we have a strong relationship. I understand that in this space there is a trust issue because people don’t see me and I’m not very good at marketing but I work behind the scenes. I make sure that things get done.

Brett came to Chicago and we talked and I guided him because he is an aspiring entrepreneur. He wants to be in the blockchain space, particularly in financial technology and I gave him some advice about the best time to be in the space. The best time is now. Brett is an entrepreneur who built his smart contract, his application in the Althash blockchain, also called Htmlcoin blockchain and he’s building his application and other products surrounding his Codex token. Brett is building e-commerce, he is building a very strong community and he is on all of the social media. Brett was fundamental for the exchange listing at Bittrex itself for Htmlcoin. So I have to acknowledge it on the air, Brett helped us with our listing in Bittrex global. Thank you so much. I have to make sure that everybody knows that you are very instrumental for the listing process and I know that you’re looking for another listing. Another listing for Codex and I’m looking forward to that. It seems like you are now gaining momentum. As the founder of Htmlcoin, I am so grateful because I’m surrounded by people who are responsible enough and who are there. Brett is one of those. Vincent Hoffmann is one of those. These people on our team work with Codex as well. We have our main Htmlcoin meeting every Wednesday and we make sure that some of the work that Codex people are doing is integrated with us. That’s what we’re looking for because Codex building, application building, community building, all these resources in the Htmlcoin blockchain will really help us. We want these communities who are built in our blockchain to be working with us and that’s what Brett is exactly doing. There are other projects as well. Don’t get me wrong, we have people from Africa, we have people from Pakistan, from Canada, and all over but one of the most if not the most successful project so far right now in the Althash blockchain or Htmlcoin blockchain is the Codex project. They are based here in the United States doing their project. It is a big important project in the HTML coin ecosystem. And that’s what Codex is.

Brett of Sky Guys: What are some of the distinct differences between Htmlcoin and Ethereum?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: The big difference is that Htmlcoin has great value because it is affordable. And when you are a developer, you will understand this as you are a developer, especially now that the direction of crypto or blockchain spaces towards non fungible token software development, you want people to be able to afford the transaction fees. Right now, even though we have this new NFT innovation in Ethereum, the transaction fee is still sort of a hindrance and friction. There is no friction with Htmlcoin because the price is great and affordable. If you are a developer and you translate your development to other developing countries, people will not be able to pay half a month of their salary to simply have a transaction on a blockchain.

Brett of Sky Guys: Will you tell us some of the stuff that HTML is working on?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: People don’t like the idea that we’re so secretive on what we’re working on but based on our recent meetings from the past two months we decided to open up what we’re doing in Htmlcoin and to the communities that are building in the Htmlcoin blockchain. We are doing a lot of things but also are working with limited resources. We focus on ecosystem development as opposed to spreading awareness. We are going to balance this right now and correct this because for our ecosystem we are doing great and in fact we are unable to spread what we’ve been doing so there are many things that we are doing.

Number one, Htmlcoin is going in the direction of an education blockchain so our niche, every blockchain out there has their own niche, but Htmlcoin’s focus is now on the education sector. After high school, a student who wants to start developing and creating their own web pages starts with HTML. It will always be there as a stepping stone on web development because of that and because of the trust that we’ve been doing since day one and because I am in the education sector, our focus at The Htmlcoin Foundation is blockchain education. Some blockchains are focused on transaction, supply chains. Htmlcoin is based on human resource development and education. I’ll give you an example, last year we launched the International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals (ICORBP). It is a separate company now, but we initiated it. So the point is, in the blockchain space we would like to make sure that blockchain education is standardized so we’re doing certification. Whether you are a trader, you are a developer, you are an educator, you are a research scientist, we do certification. If you are interested, you can go to You can check into all kinds of certification, there’s plenty of certification because the blockchain industry is a big industry. You can be a trader and you can be a certified blockchain professional. If you’ve been trading for a year or two you can get your Registered Blockchain Trader certifying that you are a trader. You can be a Registered Blockchain Educator, you can be a Registered Blockchain Professional. You can be a Registered Blockchain Developer so there are many certifications that we are building with ICORBP. We expect that ICORBP is a neutral organization, of course the current major sponsor is Htmlcoin. All people involved in the blockchain space will start certifying and in effect they will also know what are the good things Htmlcoin and Althash blockchain are doing. This is one and there are eight major initiatives that we are doing.

The second initiative is that we launched Althash University, which started in 2015. We started offering our online classes in 2019, and in fact we had four faculty members. One is not connected to us anymore but we started in 2019 educating people about the blockchain and now we have specialization. Everybody knows about blockchain studies but we have cryptocurrency market analytics. If you want to be a trader then you can take that course. We also have a course on smart contract development that we are launching. We are almost done with our blockchain project management. We also have blockchain product management. We are developing two courses on blockchain solution architecture and blockchain software architecture and the latest one is blockchain in cybersecurity. These are the courses that we offer currently for free but we’re looking to monetize it and monetize it in a sense that this organization Althash University can stand on its own. What is Althash University? First of all Althash University is not seeking any permission or any permit from any government entity or any country, so it exists as it is. It is like Udemy. It’s like Coursera. You take your courses there and what you gain is your learning.

What we’re doing here is we are not looking for a short term gain in the Htmlcoin and Althash ecosystem. We are building a lasting ecosystem so that five to ten years from now, we have a place to go. It’s not that we pump it after a month then done it’s gone, no we’re not that. We are looking for a long term relationship with our community so people who stayed with Htmlcoin, they will reap the benefit eventually because we keep building the ecosystem. We want to have a strong ecosystem. Now if you are looking at how Htmlcoin is not as popular as compared to other coins, yes that is the compromise we’re making because right now we are putting our resources like paying developers into developing our ecosystems and like putting people to mind these projects. How about awareness? We lack the resources to bring awareness to So what I want to do is for people who believe in the Htmlcoin advocacy and Althash blockchain advocacy is please fill in any deficiency that we have. What’s the deficiency right now? Obviously the deficiency is that we lack marketing. Everyone listening right now, please help us push. Push in a sense that you help us spread out knowledge about Htmlcoin because we are here creating the ecosystem. I started this in 2014, conceptualized this in 2012 and 2013. It’s not a short term goal. We are here to stay, we are here to establish ourselves, we are here for the education part. I’m not gonna be ashamed to say that we’re here to gain as well. Gain in a sense that we will gain if our ecosystem starts to work and we will gain if our brands start to be recognized. I want you to help us build strength in our community. Ecosystems like Codex are strong in building up their ecosystem so that the product will be strong and stable. That’s the most important thing because if we will simply push the branding without a strong foundation, that is a strong ecosystem, what will happen after the facade marketing and after the facade on pumping it what will happen? It will fall down because it has no strong foundation. What I am doing here in Htmlcoin and Althash is building a strong foundation so that we have a solid foundation to stand on. I hope people will get what I want but don’t get me wrong because of the ecosystem that I prioritize. The ecosystem of marketing in the form of awareness has been left behind so people are not talking anymore. We are not as famous as other projects. That is our deficiency. That is our weakness and I hope people in the Htmlcoin ecosystem or Althash ecosystem will fill in those gaps of spreading awareness. We are weak at that point so everyone should help us.

Brett of Sky Guys: What three things that you could use that would help improve Htmlcoin?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: Yes, three things. I’m going back to the deficiency. I’m going to face this I’m I am not ashamed to accept that I have deficiency and the deficiency is the marketing part not going to be embarrassed to accept that so number one is: we are you know buying software right now for our posting, making sure we are more interactive in our main social media Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But I think that’s still not enough. I want people to help us push this. Yes, you know people should help. People should help spread the word.

I’m going to share with you, when I started Htmlcoin I was finishing my second Masters degree in my university as a graduate student, I had a scholarship and I was saving money because I wanted to buy a car. I have no car because at that time I spent all my money paying for the programmers, paying for a lot of things. We never had an initial coin offering and even if we have the budget and we say OK, we’re budgeting this, but the moment the price goes down you cannot just flood the market or the price goes down. There is a balance between, you want to do this and that, but the limitations as well. We are not asking around to invest. We did not say invest in Htmlcoin and we will give you a profit. We did not do an initial coin offering. We financed it from scratch, so people should understand that. We persisted, we survived, and I am very grateful. We, as a community, survived.

The next phase of our Htmlcoin ecosystem is to continue creating the school Althash University, the professional organization ICORBP, the Credence Hub where we verify credentials. We are asking the whole people in our ecosystem to be using these products. Especially the Credence Hub, especially ICORBP where people will be certified, because if we use these products it will strengthen our ecosystem. The next phase is making sure that people will use these products.

We don’t have marketing funds to reach and the only thing we can do is give a little bit of 100 here, a little bit of 100 there. Not just the in-house products that Althash and Htmlcoin are developing, but we have 3rd party developers like Codex. I want this community to start using our product not just in-house but also other 3rd party products as well developed by developers in our community like Codex. You are building a lot right now and our goal is to steer people to see the product that we’re developing. That they can avail this and when we ask people to use these products, we should create devices and ways where there is less friction for these people to use our product. Discounts or other perks if they are members of the Htmlcoin ecosystem. There should be ways on how to do this. That’s the second one. First, it’s awareness. The second is people using the product, giving them perks to use our product that we developed in the Althash or Htmlcoin ecosystem.

One thing that I want people to understand. In order for us to succeed, it takes time. Amazon, it took them 10 to 15 years to start generating success, to start generating income, to start generating profit. Rome is not built in one day. It takes a process. We’re not doing this for the short term, but we’re doing this for a long term. I want people to reflect on that one.

Brett of Sky Guys: What can we expect from Htmlcoin in the near future?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: What you can expect from me is that I keep working on making sure we build a stable ecosystem. If you’re asking for how we are going to promote and push for the marketing for Htmlcoin? We are trying our best. Our resources are focused on the ecosystem, but I would like to ask for a request from the community, help us spread the word. We are trying our best in building the ecosystem and we are good at that but we’re not good at spreading awareness. In the next six months to a year, you will help us in spreading awareness about Htmlcoin.

Brett of Sky Guys: Does Htmlcoin plan to on board projects into the ecosystem through grants?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: We’re doing it right now. Community members who are improving or creating on our blockchain, they are giving a bounty. That is called a grant. Some people call it a bounty. People call it reward, but we’re doing it on an ongoing basis. There are community members, old time community members who’ve been updating the blockchain and have been creating wallets. Every time people do that, there’s a corresponding amount and people call it a grant, people calling it incentives, it is the same thing. We’ve been doing it for years.

Brett of Sky Guys: Does Htmlcoin plan on ever raising money for private fund or public fund for Htmlcoin?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: I will have to ask our legal team if I can do that. If people really want to invest in the ecosystem that we’re building, support these separate entities. Support in the sense push for the creation of them, leverage the Htmlcoin community to make sure this ecosystem works. The ecosystems that we are creating, ICORBP might raise funds and by raising funds they will promote ICORBP while at the same time making sure that Htmlcoin will be exposed there. That is the kind of raising funds I’m looking for. I’m looking for Althash University to fund. I’m looking for Credence Hub, our own software that we’re building, for people to invest in it and make sure that every time they open it, it’s always Htmlcoin. Htmlcoin will be the gas. This is the kind of support, it’s indirect because these are separate companies. But if you are expecting me to do an initial coin offering with Htmlcoin. I wish I knew about ICO in 2014, I could have done that. When you are a Jurassic like us, the idea of ICO, there was none. The idea is to launch the project and hope that people will pick it up and that has been the same mantra until today.

Brett of Sky Guys: Do you have a timeline for the launch of Credence Hub? Will monetizing education be at the same time?

Amando of HTMLCOIN: We are monetizing our education because we need to pay our faculty members. Our faculty members range from professional practice to PhD holders so we have to pay them. That’s why we’re going to monetize it. Making sure that at the end of each program Htmlcoin is mentioned from there. Credence Hub, is a platform where you can say that, when you put your credential there, it is verified. Right now, if you put that you are a graduate of a bachelor’s degree in LinkedIn, nobody knows if you really have a bachelor’s degree. Who knows, you can just put it there, nobody will check. Credence Hub will only have the degree reflected there if it is verified. It is verified by the issuer, the school, or if you have experience, you are a business developer, you’re a software developer. If it’s verified by the previous company that you work with. These are a few of the features of Credence Hub. At Credence Hub, we have a strong Latin American presence. A Latin American University will be using Credence Hub to verify their degree, to verify their credentials. And we’re also looking for a Southeast Asian learning institution. In that process, we are looking to raise funds to make sure that that project will succeed. When you issue your certificate, it is in the blockchain space. It is in the Althash blockchain so the gas used is Htmlcoin. The only blockchain that will be used initially will be Htmlcoin or Althash blockchain. So if we have about 10,000 or 10 million people using that software, there will be 10 million people exposed to Htmlcoin because Htmlcoin is the main gas. In order for you to issue the certificate, for the school to issue their certificate, they have to use Htmlcoin. People will encounter, people will see, people will use Htmlcoin because it is the main gas used in Credence Hub. It is the main gas used in other software that we’re building right now. Like Libra.Codes that we are improving. So those are the projections. Timeline: we hope, I’m not allowed because in our meeting I was told I should not be telling people that our beta testing will be here. I am only allowed to say when we already start to beta test. In a few months, we’re looking forward to a beta test. We call it the minimum viable product MVP for Credence Hub. So we’re looking to test a minimum viable product in the couple of months. I cannot say specific months because I’m not supposed to say a couple of months, but I’m saying it right now. But don’t take it seriously. Two months, three months, four months? Who knows, because we can only do the software development that we can only project the time, it’s only a suggestion. You cannot force your developer to finish all things or else your software will not be as effective. You are at the mercy of your developer. That would mean resources will be spent to build that application.

Amando Boncales, Htmlcoin CEO and Founder; Hester Peirce AKA Crypto Mum, USA Securities and Exchange Commissioner; and Brett Balog, CEO of Codex on Althash, pictured at the fourth Blockchain Congress in Chicago 2019.




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