New Althash and HTMLcoin websites start to be released.

Htmlcoin was founded in 2014 in the city of Chicago, IL. It was initially designed to meet the demand of a decentralized network of freelancers offering their services in exchange for cryptocurrency. This was called at the time, Htmlcoin Business. After the initial stages of currency decentralization, several developers joined the team to create joint solutions.Several initiatives arose mainly from Brazil, United States, Philippines, Africa and Middle East.

Featured projects include the integration drones with blockchain, ARM devices for IoT, document registration, birth registration, animal registration, food traceability, DeFI solutions, art gallery for non-fungible tokens, DAO tools for e-governance solutions and others. Among the highlights we can list as the main tools for the agritech sector, the registration of documents and the recent partnership with the University of São Paulo, which is perfectly placed, for using our blockchain in the covid-19 zebra fish stripe test.

Perseverance and Integrity are values that we have embodied over the last 6 years. To celebrate these new projects and momentum of interest, demanded we upgrade our image and User Touchpoints. An image in tune with the dynamics of the blockchain space, our multicultural team and our trajectory into the future. A vibrant & professional image which reflects the values of Htmlcoin & Althash, developed since its inception, to take us well into the future.

Our web structure will now have 3 main and 3 adjacent platforms. In addition to being the gateway to all the current Dapps, it will also host all of our future Dapps. Further listing and explanation of some of our current developments. (online for community review at )

Institutional representation of the company with access to information on business, team, portfolio, mission and values. We are a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) company focused on providing decentralized ledger and blockchain solutions to governments and large institutions throughout the world. With a world-wide team of skilled professionals from six continents, Althash provides enterprise-level software integration and deployment services which leverage the power of blockchain.

This is our main platform which hosts our web-wallets & Dapps. In addition to promoting DApps made by the Htmlcoin & Althash community. Here you will have direct access to Utility applications which use blockchain in several areas.

Althash / Htmlcoin Working Dapps

MyOffspring : Blockchain Birth Register
Altproof : Blockchain Document Registry
Token Farm : Tokenization Platform
Althash Health : Blockchain Medical certificates
Covid 19 : USP Covid Test with Althash Blockchain : Decentralized Crypto Lottery

Working Infrastructures

Althash Defi : Timelock contracts, scheduling calls and Altmask interface for Defi DApps. (available soon on github)
Althash IoT : All you need to connect Althash/Htmlcoin to IoT devices and nodes
(available at
Althash Drones: IoT Althash device for agriculture drones

Dapps Under Development

Althash Breeders: Blockchain Animal Registry
NFT Art Gallery: Non-fungible tokens digital gallery

Community Working DApps


Mobile Apps Under Development

Instahash : Productivity app for instant post hashing and project management
Cytrace: Blockchain Food Traceability
Credence Hub: Educational Blockchain Infrastructure
Wallets: Htmlcoin/Althash IOS and Android new wallets

If you want to access the old wallets and services, please access while we migrate the dapps UX/UI.

Coming Next … (release date — 02 September)

Website dedicated to the cryptocurrency that is used as GAS on the Althash Blockchain. Here you will find access to the latest news, launches, portfolios, communities, exchanges, user support and everything you need to know to use htmlcoin cryptocurrency with our DApps. The structure was organized in order to privilege both the content accessed by the currency community (exchanges, wallets, security practices, updates), as well as the developers, with tools and documentation that will streamline the development of DApps in our blockchain.

Htmlcoin’s objective is to present a blockchain platform that is accessible to everyone, including those who have little to no knowledge about blockchain technology. Our vision is to see a world in which people have embraced and are utilizing the blockchain technology as freely as they currently do with their cameras to take a selfie. Through developing and supporting the development of innovative products, we hope to provide the tools and resources to make that happen.

Htmlcoin has thus far lived up to its mission statement. There are ongoing projects that are fueling the prospect of Htmlcoin becoming not just a household name, but one that provides solutions to real life issues cutting across the socio-political, welfare, economic, and entertainment spheres of human existence.

Regarding the 3 Htmlcoin adjacent platforms, we have:

Htmlcoin Shopping

In this area you will find t-shirts, promo gifts and all items with the htmlcoin and althash brands to impress your friends and carry the blockchain ideals out there.
(exploring the prospect of selling 3rd party goods.)

Htmlcoin News/Articles Portal

A portal dedicated not only to news related to currency, but also to products developed by Althash, by the community, in addition to relevant news about the blockchain market and sectors in which we operate. A true news channel from our universe.

Althash Labs

One of the greatest ways to increase the delivery of our products is to leverage the developers within our community. If you are a developer or a professional in an area which we operate, you can apply to work in the project that interests you the most.
You may be awarded various tasks and progress to become an effective member of the project.

“All consolidated markets (health, education, finance, mobility, agriculture, security) already have large companies as leaders. But that does not mean that it is impossible to compete in these environments. Contrary to what we are used to seeing, the optimal strategy is not to try to compete equally with the well established leaders but to focus on the inefficiencies of the competitors. Whenever I look at the Macro market I wonder what I could do differently that would make me 10x faster, 10x cheaper or allows me to generate 10x more value for my customer. So, your chance of success increases a lot.”

We are now prepared for a new era, thank you for your support , trust and confidence over the last six years. We will continue to persevere and bring value to the blockchain space.

Althash . Htmlcoin
Core & Development Team
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We support charitable cause and encourage technology innovation as part of our Core Values. Our Android App now makes HTMLCOIN mobile. Come join us.

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We support charitable cause and encourage technology innovation as part of our Core Values. Our Android App now makes HTMLCOIN mobile. Come join us.