HTMLCOIN 2.5 Wallet Update Announcement !

1 min readMay 28, 2020


Please update before the Hardfork due at block 1,284,400 which is approximately 23 days.

Updates include:

  • Staker optimizations: better performance for big wallets and improved UTXO aggregation
    - Hard Fork Mandatory Update before block TBA
    - New GUI, New features, Security improvements and Bug fixes
    - Upgrade to bitcoin core
    - Bug fixes
    -QIP-5: Signature proofs within vout scripts for contract transactions
    -QIP-6: Add btc_ecrecover precompiled contract to HTML EVM
    -QIP-7: Upgrade to the Ethereum Constantinople version of EVM
    -QIP-9: Change PoS difficulty adjustment algorithm to cause less swings in PoS block time




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