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2 min readDec 27, 2020

In today’s growing competitive world many people are trying to get an edge and up-skill themselves in some form or another.

With the global pandemic and the subsequent rise of unemployment, the need to adapt, up-skill & prove oneself has become even more prevalent.

The ever increasing problem from perspective of businesses is distinguishing the legitimacy of the credentials of candidates in a timely and effective manner.

As a job/opportunity seeker, you naturally want your credentials to be trusted, after all you the one that worked for them.

This is a text-book example where blockchain solves a problem related to TRUST whereby information needs to be authenticated effectively and at low-cost.

This is where Credence Hub comes in, a blockchain based software application, giving educational institutions and users the ability to secure their credentials in a way that will make it near impossible for cheaters to fake credentials any more.

We now have a complete working simulation of the software in action which was created by one of our first graduates of Althash University, Pauline Marie Dumagan.

Once the software is complete we will announce the launch along with associated partnerships.

At this point we have a working simulation and are in the process of interviewing various developers around the world. The estimated launch date is unclear but we will give a preliminary ETA once devs are assigned.

A few Screenshots below:

The Landing page
Dossier of Credentials
Blockchain certified certificate
Issuance of credentials

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