Ladderized Certificate Program 2020

In Partnership With Althash Education & Africa Blockchain University.

We are also pleased to announce that FREE Althash Education online program, in partnership with Africa Blockchain University is expanding! We have students all over Africa, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Asia enrolling! These students are learning the Blockchain; Developing Decentralized Application; and Building Community.

The following students finishing:


Brima Kargbo
Sierra Leone
Interest / Research Topic:
*Real Estate — Verify Property Information

Mervin Jones
Sierra Leone
Interest / Research Topic:
*Networking — Increase Security with Decentralized Network (Condational)

Jaz Jazmin
Interest / Research Topic:
*E-Commerce — “MY OWNLINE TOKEN” / Easy Online Payment

Juan Jose Soto
Interest / Research Topic:
*Cyber-Security — Password Protection in Blockchain

Adebayo Adelekan
Interest / Research Topic:
A) Travel Escrow — Visa Processing in the Smart Contract
B) Hospitality — Aggregated Best Pricing Deals

Abiola Joshua Oladipupo
Interest / Research Topic:
*Education Credentials — Transcript of Records in Blockchain

Oladejo Temitope
Interest / Research Topic:
*Tokenization: Reward Token for the Community

Samuel Ndegwa Wahome
Interest / Research Topic:
A) Health Token Reward — Giving Reward Points for Health Fitness
B) Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in Blockchain

Solomon Obiekezie
Interest / Research Topic:
*Education — Digitizing Certificate Verification

Participating Countries:
Brazil, Nigeria, Mauritius, South Africa, Philippines, India, South Korea, United States, Malaysia, India, Ghana, Singapore, Spain, Sierra Leone, and Sudan.

These certification programs are designed for learners who do not have a background in the blockchain space and related disciplines. It aims to test the current theory and best practice in the field.

The student in this ladderized program will:
- Learn the core concepts of blockchain technology;
- Synthesize best practices of cryptocurrency and financial technology;
- Evaluate various monetary theories;
- Analyze use case applications;
- Create software applications in the blockchain space; and
- Produce relevant methodologies & processes in the digital economy.

Fellowship titles are awarded for deserving students.
There are 3 certification levels purposely developed to gauge the competency skills of the learner. The program has 1 foundation certification; 5 core certifications; and 6 specialization certifications, in ladderized order. The foundation certification is a requirement for all core and specialization certifications.

The initiative is to create an avenue for people to learn about new opportunities during the COVID19 lockdown. We expect people, especially the youth, to take advantage of this to expand their knowledge and identify new opportunities in the evolving 4th Industrial Revolution.




We support charitable cause and encourage technology innovation as part of our Core Values. Our Android App now makes HTMLCOIN mobile. Come join us.

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We support charitable cause and encourage technology innovation as part of our Core Values. Our Android App now makes HTMLCOIN mobile. Come join us.