Aaditya Chandankar — PASSED
Maharashtra, India
-Waste Management Through Blockchain Technology
-Waste Management

Sumeet Prasad — PASSED
-Medicine & Blockchain: A Digital Currency For a Healthy World

James Addo — PASSED
Accra, Ghana
-Promoting Digital Literacy via First language (L1) and Blockchain

Vu Ngoc Tien — PASSED
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
-A Blockchain Powered by Coffee

Martin Thomassen — TBA
Jalapa, Nicaragua
-CLASS COIN an aducational cryptocurrency
-Project management, logistics and accounting, system analisis

IfeOluwa Chris Onigbinde — PASSED
Ibadan, Nigeria
-Fiacoin: A Digital Health currency for africans
-Tele medicine and Blockchain in Africa

Billy Joe Cabanglan — PASSED
Olongapo City Zambales
-Amusement and Gaming: A CryptoCurrency For the Gaming Community

Priti Puja — PASSED
Maharashtra, India
-Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Chimdindu Emmanuel Okaforodoh — PASSED
Enugu, Nigeria
Health Dollar Coin(HDC): A digital currency used specifically in health industries

Yeseer Bello — PASSED
Ogun, Nigeria
Beebay Token(BBY):A Digital Asset that Serves as a medium of exchange for buying and selling of goods and services with a credit&debit card
Interest:To eradicate poverty

Richard Atsu Aziaxonu — PASSED
Greater Accra, Ghana
Richcoin:A Crypto Currency for the Youth

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