Althash’s Healthychain to participate in Covid-19 challenge

2 min readApr 6, 2020

Vale, one of the biggest mining companies in the world will provide up to USD 1 million, in collaboration with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and the Mater Dei Health Network, to scale solutions to combat COVID-19 in the following thematic areas: Risk prevention and tracking, Screening and Diagnosis, Monitoring of Spread and Monitoring of Patients and Intensive Care. In addition to these, there is also the “Open Challenge” category, which encompasses other themes.

Companies, startups, institutions, universities and even professionals who have solutions to ensure greater access for the population can participate. The solutions must have the necessary maturity to be implemented within 15 days (counting from the approval) and must be of low or zero cost to the end user.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein and the Mater Dei Health Network play an important role in the medical-scientific leadership in defining the challenges, the technical evaluation criteria of the proposals received and in the eventual support to entrepreneurs and innovators in the health area who will receive support to accelerate solutions.

The Htmlcoin Foundation, through its development arm in Brazil — Token Tower Cutting-edge Blockchain Solutions, are aware of the importance and urgency that the situation demands and will be participating in this selection process with the Healthychain project. This will encompass not only real-time tracking of disease but also bringing an innovative approach to validating detection thus avoiding false reports and unnecessary alerts. Through advanced proliferation calculations, we can map possible impacts and provide valuable data to assist authorities in making decisions to control and combat Covid-19. It is important to mention here that Althash Platform already has similar project plans which relates to the monitoring of Dengue fever in a localised area of the Philippines.


April 4th: Deadline for new proposals

April 17th: Project Analysis

April 24th: Accepted project announcement




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