The HTMLCoin Foundation is committed, through its various decentralized applications, to ensure that essential aspects of human endeavors are fully included in the blockchain revolution that is beginning to take place in our postmodern world. The Foundation’s vision is to make blockchain accessible for all, so that anyone, regardless of their knowledge of computers and coding, is able to use decentralized applications with ease.
Recently, the Foundation sent a contingent to the Philippines to create awareness for its blockchain products. The mission, which took place from January 10 to February 6, 2019, culminated with the Foundation signing various Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s) as well as establishing exciting new partnerships. Through this successful mission, the HTMLCoin Foundation has laid its first seeds toward establishing a long-term presence in the Philippines.
One of the organisations in which an alliance was established is the Kinasanga’an Foundation. This private organisation has joined with the HTMLCoin Foundation to lobby both the government and private sectors to adopt blockchain technology in their relevant areas of service. The Kinasanga’an Foundation, in conjunction with Ateneo de Davao University, has developed distributed application modules that will analyse and predict the occurrence of dengue fever in a specific location in Davao city, Philippines. The dengue app is in development to be integrated with the AltHash blockchain. This is one example in which HTMLCoin & AltHash are being implemented for real-world cases using blockchain technology.

Providing socio-political and economic solutions to people through the use of the blockchain is very important to the HTMLCoin Foundation. The Foundation was able to establish a relationship with the Barangay system in the Philippines. Barangay is a small local unit of the Philippine government that has been empowered to carry out executive, legislative, and judiciary government functions, particularly in regards to the administration of government documents at the local and regional levels.

The Barangay offices spread across the Philippines are responsible for the issuance of clearance documents pertaining to I.D application, employment requirements, affidavits, and other legal transactions. Barangay clearance and approval is therefore in high demand in the Philippines. It is for this reason that the said clearance forms are often illegally replicated and/or falsified.

The Barangay is thus employing the AltHash blockchain to prevent falsifications of records, and by extension, enabling easy and transparent application for those who request documentations depending on what purpose such documentations are required. Their offices in Agdao and Mintal are currently piloting the use of the AltHash blockchain to issue official government documents. If the pilot is successful, other Barangay in other regions of the country will be encouraged to follow suit.
Although Barangay Mintal already has certificate software developed by the University of the Southern Philippines, they recognize the potential of the AltHash blockchain and have thus committed to integrating it into their current administrative record keeping practices. For example, Barangay Mintal is utilizing AltHash in the tricycle operators registry to profile and register all tricycle drivers in Mintal. HTMLCoin’s Myoffspring DApp is currently being used by the Wellfamily Midwife Clinic to register newborn babies as well as for the issuance of baptismal certificates. Work is in progress to have the Davao City Council give legislative approval to have legal backing so as to hasten mainstream adoption of the AltHash blockchain. Private medical officers have already expressed interest in using digital medical certificates in their respective places of work, a demand that the HTMLCoin’s AltHash blockchain can easily fill.
A memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Department of Science and Technology Region XI and the HTMLCoin Foundation to develop personal data sheets that utilize the AltHash blockchain. Another Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Ateneo de Davao University to develop awareness, technical assistance, and consultative assistance for AltHash blockchain-based projects.
While these projects are ongoing, the Kinasang’an Foundation will soon embark on training all Wellfamily Midwife Clinic managers on how to use the Myoffspring decentralized application as part of the responsibility of spreading the use of the AltHash blockchain.
All these are some of the ways by which the HTMLCoin AltHash blockchain is gradually spreading awareness regarding the real-life value it brings to humanity. The HTMLCoin Foundation is proud that it is already making significant changes in people’s daily lives. As research continues and the AltHash blockchain is updated and adapted for multiple uses, these changes will become more prevalent — and the adoption of blockchain technology universal.

Author: Sambright
Editors: Rich C & Vince H



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