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1 min readJun 22, 2020


Certificate in Blockchain Technology & Certificate in Blockchain Application
classcode: 5lv57qf
Time: 10:00 AM Chicago
Date June 22, 2020

*Course Orientation ====================
Self introduction
Identify student topic / interest
Online classroom
-How to navigate the online environment
-Requirement submission
-Technical requirements
Course Guidelines
-Self-paced or cohort
-Course expectations
-Scope of the course
-Final Requirements

BLKN 100 ====================
Introduction to Blockchain
40 min
Hoffmann & Yeager
Day1 Monday
10:400 AM CST Chicago Time
Class presentation
Read BTC Whitepaper as non-mandatory homework

BLKN 105 ====================
Blockchain Theory & Practice
40 min
Day1 Monday
11:20 AM CST Chicago Time
Understanding blockchain theory & practice
How blockchain works
Classifying blockchain technologies




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